Xcel Sports Tren-X Stene Pro

Tren-X Stene Pro

Tren-X Stene Pro by Xcel Sports Nutrition is a powerful cutting prohormone. With Xcel Sports Nutrition Tren-X Stene Pro users will experience a rapid decrease in body fat while increasing strength and vascularity. Tren-X Stene Pro is a dual stack prohormone containing 19-nor and 6-Bromo. These two compounds work together to get you shredded!

Proper On-cycle and Post Cycle Support are recommended when running a cycle of Xcel Tren-X Stene Pro.

All of the Prohormones by Xcel Sports Nutrition contain Carbopol.
Carbopol is a binding agent which offers a consistent and controlled time release of the active prohormone compounds contained in Tren-X Stene Pro.

Tren-X Stene Pro Supplement Facts
Serving Size: 1 Capsule
Servings per Container: 60

19-Norandrostendiol - 50mg

6 bromo androst 1,4 diene 3,17 dione - 25mg

Carbopol – 15mg


Price: $75.99

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